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5 Destinations for Wine Lovers

Is there anything better than raising a glass of Bordeaux while enjoying the sunset in a charming vineyard in its namesake in Bordeaux, France?

How about sipping a glass of Chianti straight from the cask in a scenic vineyard under the Tuscan sun in Italy?

If you’re dreaming of a trip that combines breathtaking views with exceptional vineyards and delicious wine, here are several wonderful choices.

New Zealand

New Zealand’s rugged natural beauty and dramatic landscapes already make it a must-see destination for travelers, but for wine lovers, there’s a whole other side of the country to discover. New Zealand has garnered a reputation for its Sauvignon Blanc production, taking advantage of a cool climate and mixed soil types to garner international accolades and awards. Kim Crawford and Oyster Bay are just a few of the recognizable exported brands. While you’re there, you will be able to taste wine from smaller vineyards that are only available in the country.

Pro-tip: Personally, I became a Pinot Noir lover in New Zealand after a half-day amazing wine tour that included the wine cave pictured above. I can hook you up!


Built along the River Danube, Hungary’s capital city is filled with fascinating landscapes and impressive architecture like the landmark gothic parliament building. Although one could easily spend days experiencing the culture and the sights in Budapest alone, there is so much more to the country to take in, especially for wine lovers. Hungarians have been producing wine for more than a millennium. Hungary has six different wine regions to choose from, including Tokaj, a UNESCO world heritage recognized historical wine region located in northeastern Hungary. This is a great way to experience the charm of the Hungarian countryside while never having to venture too far for your next drink.


The food! The views! The art! The history! Do pizza and pasta deserve their own category? Of course, they do! Regardless, there is no shortage of reasons why you should visit Italy, and among them is the wine. Italy is not only home to some of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world — dating back to the 8th century BC — but also some of the most scenic. Just imagine enjoying a glass of wine while gazing out at views of verdant rolling hills. From the sparkling Prosecco to renowned reds like Barolo and Barbaresco, Italy is rich with choice. No matter where you want to go across the boot-shaped country, there is bound to be a vineyard nearby.


Is the Eiffel Tower calling your name? In addition to being a fabulous destination for culture and heritage, France is also a mega-wine producer. We’re talking seven to eight billion bottles a year! BILLION! Many grape varieties are native to the destination, such as chardonnay, pinot noir, and sauvignon blanc. Although sparkling wine is often referred to as champagne, across Europe, it’s illegal to label any product as champagne unless it is from the Champagne region of France. Another famed wine-growing region in France is Bordeaux. The beautiful region features marvelous castles — that’s châteaux in French — and can even be experienced on a scenic Bordeaux river cruise. Sign me up – it’s on my bucket list!


Portugal is a divine destination for wine lovers. Along with coastal villages, stunning cliffside vistas, and fabulous cities, this country is famous for its food and drinks. Head to the Douro Valley for those Instagram-worthy shots of vineyards on rolling hills and to get a firsthand taste of how the wine scene is so much more than just port. A fantastic way to experience the steep terraced hillsides and quaint villages in the region is by embarking on a Douro river cruise.

Still thirsty? Think Argentina, Austria, Bolivia, Croatia, and South Africa… these destinations only skim the surface of the possible options for wine lovers.

If you'd like to know more or want information about any of the above destinations, schedule a free consultation or give me a call!


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