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Budapest Travel Tips



Budapest is full of wonders. Regardless of your reason to visit.  It's a perfect place to begin or end your river cruise on the Danube. 

The capital of Hungary, was created in 1873 by the merger of three cities: Buda, Óbuda, and Pest.  It is the administrative, cultural, scientific, economic, trade and transportation center with about 2 million inhabitants.

The town spreads on the banks of the Danube and is administratively divided into 23 districts.  16 districts are located on the Pest side, 6 in Buda and 1 on Csepel Island in the Danube.


Buda extends to the hills on the west bank of the Danube and Pest on the left bank of the river in the lowlands. In Buda, the 235 meter high hill (Gellérthegy) rises from the river bank and offers a remarkable view of the whole city.

If you're interested in architecture, you will be thrilled to explore Budapest's indiscriminate taste - from Roman amphitheaters and Gothic-style cathedrals to traditional Turkish baths.

Budapest Travel Tips

A commonly used style in the downtown area is the Eclectic style which is a mix of older styles. Baroque style comes second in popularity. It's got a lot of distinct details, with beautiful, decorative windows and doors. The third one is the Gothic style - it is the usual style because a lot of churches and buildings followed this style.

Budapest has an undeniably astounding mix of exceptional buildings, beautiful sights to see, including two UNESCO World Heritage sites (Andrassy Avenue and the Danube with the Buda Castle and the Parliament).


There are also pampering-healing baths in Budapest, the full range of museums in Budapest, some churches in Budapest, like the big Catholic Basilica, or the elaborate Jewish Synagogue, and of course the markets in Budapest which are brimming with flavors and colors.


Besides baths, museums, churches, and markets, however, there are some famous and popular tourists attractions in Budapest that are somewhat special architecturally or historically. Just to mention but a few of the buildings among the top tourist attractions:


●        Buda Castle

●        Hungarian National Museum

●        Basilica of St Stephen

●        Fisherman’s Bastion

●        Vajdahunyad Castle, Budapest

Don't leave without indulging in the delicious authentic dishes served throughout the nation. Your palette will be dancing with all the rich flavors!

Budapest is brimming with coffee culture. Coffee Shop 64 has become a crowd favorite of coffeeholics in Budapest. A wide array of quality coffees (all ecologically certified) are offered, perfectly paired by one of their freshly-made croissants.

Azték Choxolat is famous for its homemade bonbons, specialty chocolates and different kinds of hot chocolate drinks. Also, the café serves excellent coffee providing an option between Robusta and Arabica blends.

Budapest Travel Tips

If you love cooking and eating, sign up for a Hungarian cooking course. These courses are easy to find online, and you will get to experience an authentic three-course meal that you helped create.

Anyone who loves the age-old delicacy marzipan, visit Szamos Marzipan, a museum in honor of the artists Mátyás Szamos and Károly Szabó. These artists started shaping marzipan into the shapes of flowers and other beautiful creations back in the 1930s, and this museum intends to keep their spirit and tasty treats alive.

Head to the Zwack Museum to learn all about Hungary’s miracle liquor.  Unicum is one an  herbal bitter that aids in digestion.  You’ll find it helps tremendously after delving into all of the spicy street foods!

Budapest Travel Tips

Art comes in all forms in Budapest:  small and big institutions, state-run and grassroots projects. You will definitely appreciate art in more ways than one, whether you are a big fan of abstract, conceptual art, or you just need to soothe your eyes after a long day of sightseeing.

Here are just a few places where you can fulfill your love of art:

  • Hungarian National Gallery

  • Printa Café

  • Museum of Fine Arts

  • Trafó - House of Contemporary Arts

  • Ludwig Múzeum

  • Gelarto Rosa

  • Müpa Budapest

  • Telep Art Bar and Bistro

  • Bohem Art Hotel

  • Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest

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