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Why Setouchi Is On My Bucket List

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

You've probably never heard of Setouchi, but once you learn more about it, you'll definitely want to add it to YOUR bucket list!

Setouchi is a group of thousands of islands in the Seto Inland Sea - easy to get to from Osaka's Kansai International Airport. This area of natural beauty, calm waters, art, culture, and history combine to make this an area worth exploring.

Here are some of the reasons you'll need to spend a few days and make sure your phone has lots of extra space to store all the pictures you'll take:

GET YOUR SAKE ON with a hop around 7 of Hiroshima’s best breweries along Saijo Sakagura Dori and the Fujii Shuzo Brewery Exchange Hall in Takehara city.

ANGEL ROAD – Take your love to this sacred place for lovers in Shodoshima. The road here only appears at low tide and as legend has it, if you walk here holding your loved one’s hand, you will be happy.

INTERNATIONAL ART TRIENNALE - the Setouchi art festival that occurs every three years on 12 of Setouchi's islands. Featuring contemporary art, it encompasses art, architecture, food, and performing arts.

OLIVE PARK - Take a photo in front of the Greek windmill and "ride a broom" like in the movie, Kiki’s Delivery Service.

KANKAKEI GORGE- One of Japan's most beautiful gorges, and only 13 million years old. You can take the ropeway up to see views of the sea & sky, or spend some time hiking the area.

CYCLE THE SHIMANAMI KAIDO - do all 70 km or book a support car or boat bike ride back if you just want a taste. This exceptional route is a cyclist’s paradise, treating riders to impossibly gorgeous views between the islands of Shikoku and Honshu.

OODLES OF UDON- Kagawa is known as the Udon Prefecture. Take an udon making class and learn the intricate techniques of these exquisite noodles.

2-HOUR SUNSET AT THE SALT FLATS - Japan’s answer to Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, Chichibugahama Beach. The sunset is best at low tide for optimal colors and reflections when the sea mirrors the sky.

2000+ STAIRS TO PEACE- The Kotohuragu Shrine is all the way up but once you reach it, it is a place where mystical energy flows throughout all who arrive. Visited by almost 3 million people per year, it's especially beautiful during Cherry Blossom season in March.

BONITO BOUNTY - Take a stroll through bustling Hirome Market through its food stalls, more than 50 restaurants, and snag a seared slice of bonito, the most famous dish in Kochi.

THE ROAD IN THE SKY - Where the Ehime and Kochi Prefectural Road 383 crosses the Shikoku Karst for jawdropping views

HIROSHIMA PEACE MEMORIAL PARK - dedicated to the memories and victims of the atomic bombs dropped in WWII.

THE GARDEN THAT IS A PAINTING - Monet’s Garden Marmottan modeled after Giverny in France strikes the eyes with its blend of water lilies and brilliant colors that create an inspiring scene that needs to be captured by the lens.


No matter which season you choose, you'll always have the opportunity for amazing experiences in Setouchi. Let's chat... schedule a free consultation by CLICKING HERE

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