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Come for the history, stay for the wine

Sailing on the Rhine River during wine season pairs the best aspects of a river cruise with the opportunity to delve deep into all aspects of the wine-making process.

From guest lectures to special food pairings, itineraries feature all the great attractions and sites along the route with additional chances to visit vineyards and taste the best of what’s on offer. If you’re curious about the joys of sailing on the Rhine while expanding your wine palate, here’s a look at what’s in store:

Learn about the history of the Rhine

With its charming timber-framed houses, a visit to Strasbourg will make you feel like you are stepping back in time. This picturesque city is also where you can find a wine that has stood the test of time. Visit the old cellar underneath the Hospices de Strasbourg to set your eyes on a wine vat that dates all the way back to 1472! Although you won’t be able to sneak a taste of this historical wine, which is thought to be one of the oldest wines in the world, the capital of Alsace is a top wine area in France, so there are many beautiful vineyards and wineries to visit nearby.

Taste the riches from each region

Throughout the river cruise journey, you'll be able to visit unique vineyards, learn about the history of notable wineries and experience special wine directly from the people who made them from The Netherlands to Switzerland. In Germany, you can try a variety of Riesling wines, which range from dry to very sweet in flavor. Although the Alsace region is also known for its Riesling production, be sure to also try Gewürztraminer and a local sparkling wine Crémant d’Alsace. The only challenge may be figuring out how to safely store all of the bottles of wine you picked up along the way into your suitcase at the end of the river cruise.

Learn from experts

Wine-focused cruises often feature wine hosts for the length of the itinerary who are professional winery owners and certified sommeliers. They elevate the experience for guests onboard by leading discussions on wine as well as food and wine (and chocolate and wine) pairings. Whether you simply enjoy the taste of wine or are a wine connoisseur, you’ll come away with the knowledge to impress guests for your next dinner party at home.


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