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Eat Your Way Around the World

One of the best ways to immerse yourself in a destination or culture is to sample the authentic foods of the place you’re visiting.

Some of our favorite childhood memories include food. Family get-togethers are generally around a table! All of 5 our senses are in play when it comes to food – taste, smell, touch, sight.

When you’re considering where to go on your next destination, take a look at the food you can get to experience.

Besides eating, how about a cooking class? Or better yet, a food tour with tastings. These tours are usually about 4 hours long and include seeing some great sites around the city while sampling amazing authentic food.

Here are just 10 of the top foods from around the world that you can try:

#1 Pavlova - Australia

Australia is known so well for its beautiful beaches you probably never even thought about what you would eat there. Well, add this to the list! Pavlova is a meringue-based cake that has a light and crispy crust and a soft center (I know, drool). Usually topped with fruit and whipped cream this is the perfect little dessert after a day in the sun.

Rumor has it New Zealand has a pretty strong Pavlova game as well. Yes, we can fly you there right after your stay in Australia for a comparison.

#2 Peking Duck - China

If you’re already a lover of duck dishes, it won’t take much convincing for you to give this a try when traveling in its native homeland, China. Peking Duck has been served since the imperial era and hails from the original capital, Peking (now Beijing). Known for its crispy skin and tender meat, the dish is usually carved and plated hot in front of diners.

# 3 Apple Strudel - Austria

Dessert for breakfast? Definitely. Perhaps most popular in Austria, apple strudel can be found in bakeries across Eastern Europe. We are loving the thought of having this for breakfast with a hot cup of coffee!


#4 Fish & Chips - England

Trust us, fish & chips tastes better across the pond! You can find this traditional English dish in nearly every pub across England. Usually served with a side of smashed peas, it goes great with a local English ale.

#5 Pho - Vietnam

Yes, we love Pho too. And nothing beats authentic Vietnamese cuisine straight from the source. Spiced specifically to your desire, pair this Vietnamese noodle soup dish with a pickled lemonade to keep you cool during those hot Saigon days.

#6 Croissants - France

Butter doesn’t count when it’s in a croissant, right? Okay, maybe not. But you should still visit a bakery every day you are in France. There is something so perfectly soothing about poking around local bakeries throughout the country, from fresh croissants for breakfast to macaroons for dessert. And they’re everywhere!

#7 Portuguese Tart - Portugal

Allow us to introduce you to Pastel de Nata, as they are called locally, these small egg and custard tarts are found around every corner in Portugal. While in Lisbon, head to Belem to try their very own Pastéis de Belem - you'll be writing home about this!

#8 Pizza - Italy

From the birthplace of pizza in Naples to the street vendors in Venice and every city in between, you will find amazing pizza in Italy. Don’t bother straying from the traditional Italian dishes when visiting this beautiful country. Each new pizza or pasta dish you order will not disappoint.

PRO TIP: Beware the tuna pizza though, if your eyes mistake it for sausage, your tastebuds will be shocked! LOL!

#9 Sushi - Japan

Sure, you can get sushi anywhere, but nowhere is it as fresh and delicious as Japan. Buckle up for the adventure because you will find more eel, urchin, octopus, and other exotic options in Japan than anywhere else.

If you plan to get serious with your sushi, don’t forget to brush up on your sushi etiquette before heading over!

#10 Poutine - Canada

The US keeps trying, but nobody does Poutine like Canada. This may not be the most guilt-free dish in the country, but it is certainly one of the most delicious. How could anyone go wrong with fries topped with cheese and gravy? Yes, please!

Looking for restaurant suggestions? Of course, we can help with that, and restaurant reservations are included with our white-glove service!

Don’t worry – if you are not adventurous when it comes to your meals, hamburgers, steak, grilled fish & veggies can be found almost anywhere in the world.

I’d love to help you figure out where you can have an amazing culinary experience on your next vacation. Call me or send me an email or just CLICK

Be sure to post any questions you might have below, and we'll get right back to you! And if you like this article, give us some love by clicking on the

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