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Getting back to Cruising - What's new?

Although cruises are halted for right now, many people have been asking about how things will change when cruising resumes.

The cruise lines have all been working diligently to make sure that cruising will be safe.

Whether it’s a river cruise or an ocean cruise, a large ship or an intimate smaller ship, here are some of the changes you’ll see when you board your next cruise:

  • Enhanced screening at embarkation including health questionnaires & temperature checks. This will be in place for passengers and all crew members.

  • Social distancing at the pier.

  • Crew members will be wearing face masks.

  • Some cruise lines will have itinerary changes in effect as some ports might limit the number of passengers or cruise ships

  • More hand sanitizing stations & mandatory use of hand sanitizer before entering restaurants or other public areas

  • Social distancing in restaurants & poolside – removal of deck chairs and tables

  • Buffets and self-serve ice cream – some cruise lines are doing away with them and others are changing the layout, adding plastic screens and having crew members serving

  • Reduced ship capacity – not every stateroom will be sold.

  • Medical grade HEPA air filters

  • Electrostatic spraying - this is very cool - I didn't know what it was. Here is how it was explained to me: It's a way of spraying a stateroom (for example) so that the disinfectant gets into every little crevice – the sprayer can be used on every section of the stateroom and even in the closets. After spraying, the stateroom can be inhabited within 10 minutes with no residual scent

  • Expanded medical centers, equipment & crew

  • Better quarantine plans & safety protocols

  • Touch-less doors – even for public restrooms

THE GOOD NEWS: Most cruise lines are offering free changes for booked reservations! There are some great deals available now for 2021 and 2022 with small deposits required. You will have peace of mind that if you book now and have to change your plans, you will not lose your deposit or be penalized.

Pro tip: When packing for your next cruise, make sure to bring an extra 14 days’ worth of medication!

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